Friday, September 17, 2010

Python, Pyjamas, and GWT

I've been looking at some Django apps lately, and the javascript side of the application is messy and a little disguisting.  Something like GWT for python, whereby the javascript would all be generated from a unified python source tree.  It turns out such a beast is in the works, Pyjamas for Python.  Once you get used to GWT, it's hard to go back to all that spaghetti multi-lingual JS linkage, JQuery or no.

From the earliest programming systems it's generally been considered a good idea to have unified UI and debugging with your backend systems.  An extreme on this level of integration might be smalltalk.  Even where a system would have very well defined interfaces and separation, a unified language for the system was still often preferable, such as with large Ada projects.  Proliferating the number of languages in a single project produces many problems, and Javascript is no exception.  I'm hopeful that the Pyjamas guys can solve this issue for Python as well as it has been for Java with GWT.


  1. I'll take having to deal with two languages in one project over code generation and leaky abstractions.

  2. H_i,

    it's called Pyjamas - at least on the web site. A recent nice example is: .. Minesweeper in Python w Pyjamas


  3. Thanks for the correction - I've updated the entry to say "Pyjamas".